1864 New Hampshire National Union Republican Ballot

With Electors Pledged to Abraham Lincoln of Illinois for President

and Andrew Johnson of Tennessee for Vice President


Meet the only five people from New Hampshire to have the privilege to vote directly for Abraham Lincoln for president in 1864

New Hampshire did not print official ballots for state-wide use until 1892. Previously, voting was not a private exercise. Candidates and political parties published their own ballots of various shapes, sizes and colors, distributing them to their supporters. On Election Day, a person would go to the polls and cast his vote with a balloting "ticket" provided by one of these parties or candidates. According to NH. historian Leon W. Anderson, this open practice “led to promiscuous fraud, and vote buying, as ballots could be readily identified by observers when extended by voters as they were dropped into the polling boxes.”* New Hampshire was one of the first states to adopt the so-called “Australian,” or secret ballot process we use today, in the legislative session of 1891.

The men listed on this ballot are New Hampshire’s Presidential Electors to the Electoral College pledged to the Lincoln-Johnson ticket. Final national electoral vote: Abraham Lincoln: 212, General George McClellan 21.The electors, all of whom were distinguished New Hampshire citizens, are identified below – Dean Dexter

*To This Day, The 300 Years of the New Hampshire Legislature, Leon W. Anderson, Phoenix Publishing, Canaan, NH, 1981. Pages 187-188.

1864 balloting ticket found in a family bible, Dean Dexter Collection. Authenticity verified by New Hampshire Secretary of State William M. Gardner, June 7, 2012.

Posted: January 12, 2014

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