The Girl Who Survived Abortion: Gianna Jessen Cut First CD Album in New Hampshire

By Laurie McCarthy, Winnisquam, New Hampshire

Aborted by her birth mother in 1977, Gianna Jessen refused to become another grim statistic. A survivor of a late term abortion, she fought for her life and won. She struggled to overcome severe physical disabilities. Since the age of 12, when her adopted mother told her the circumstances of her birth, Gianna has spent her time talking with and singing to people about the virtues of abstinence and the sanctity of life.


Gianna Jessen with Laurie and Bob McCarthy at Opechee Park Rally at Laconia, N.H., June 1993

When my husband, Bob McCarthy, received a call from Nashville last spring, we never dreamed our lives would change so dramatically only a few short months later. The caller told Bob that Gianna would accept an invitation to visit Laconia to be the keynote speaker for "Celebrate Life", sponsored by New Hampshire Citizens for Life, a local pro-life group.

Although Gianna and her mother had traveled throughout the world and made their home by the ocean in southern California, upon their arrival in the Lakes Region in late June of 1993, they were overwhelmed by the beauty of the area. They extended their visit for quite a few days, spending hours with us discussing Gianna's desire to have Bob produce her first musical release, "For the Sake of Love".


Gianna Jessen performs at Laconia, N.H. Right to Life Rally, June 1993

Gianna returned to Laconia in early August and spent the next 30 days with us as a guest in our home. Many hours each day were spent in the recording studio and the time away from the studio was spent co-writing with Bob songs for the album, performing concerts and communicating with conservative syndicated columnist Cal Thomas, Beverly LaHay of Concerned Women of America and many others active in the pro-life movement. Like any other teenager, she also spent hours on the phone with friends from across the country. She attended the baptism of our godchild, helped with a spaghetti supper fundraiser for a family in need, traveled with us to Boston to visit a music school she hoped to attend, and we even gave her driving lessons (yes, we were nervous!).

For a brief time, Gianna became a member of our community and everyone who had the opportunity to meet her grew to admire this energetic 17-year-old. She displayed a steadfast spirit and touched everyone she met. Our lives are richer for knowing her.

Tying abortion to growing violence and murder in the streets of America, Mother Teresa said recently at a National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, an event also attended by President Clinton and his wife, "If we accept that a mother can kill even her own child, how can we tell other people not to kill each other? . . . Any country that accepts abortion is not teaching its people to love, but to use any violence to get what they want."

We cannot afford to lose another life like Gianna.

For more information about Gianna Jessen's this story, contact Bob McCarthy Communications, P.O. Box 479, Winnisquam, NH 03289, 603-528-4242. This article first appeared in the June, 1994 issue of NH Family Watch.


Gianna Jessen photo, 1994




Pro-Life Rally, Opechee Park (official name: Robinson W. Smith Park), Laconia, N.H., June 1993



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