Steam boating Across Lake Wicwas

With Dave and Marge Thorpe

Lake Wicwas, Meredith Center, New Hampshire

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Dave and Marge Thorpe with their steamer Wicwas (hand-built by Dave) at the Dexter dock, July 2006, with Brandt Island in the background. Marge is  a past president of the Lake Wicwas Association. Mother-in-Law Michelle Patteson and Marie Dexter are in the foreground. Photos by Dean Dexter




We've nicknamed Dave "Mr. Allnut" for obvious reasons Link


Abigail Dexter appears bemused (i.e., would rather be listening to her IPOD) as her father holds forth about the moose, deer, loons, and politics of Lake Wicwas.

Summer sunset on a hot night, Lake Wicwas, Meredith Center, New Hampshire -- taken from the steamboat, Abigail Dexter, July 2006 all rights reserved




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