Winant Park, Concord, New Hampshire

Donated to the City of Concord, New Hampshire

By Rivington Winant, in honor of Mr. Winant's father,

The Late Governor and U.S. Ambassador John Gilbert Winant

June, 24, 2009


Winant Park Entrance, Fisk Road, Concord, New Hampshire



   See Video of Governor's 2010 reception for Author Lynn Olson and Rivington Winant




Majestic mountain view looking toward St. Paul School and Mount Monadnock, Winant Park, Concord, New Hampshire. Summer 2010, Dean Dexter photo.


Rivington Winant Trail, at the 85-acre Winant Park, Concord, N.H., summer 2010. Dean Dexter photo.



The grand Rivington Winant Elm Tree, on the trail at Winant Park, Concord, New Hampshire.


Abigail Dexter at the Rivington Winant elm, Winant Park, Concord, New Hampshire, September 11, 2010. The plaque reads in part: "Rivington Winant and others have climbed this tree and sat in its branches dreaming of things to come."



From the display at the kiosk, Winant Park, Fisk Road, Concord, New Hampshire



From the Scrapbook, March 4, 2010


Rivington Winant, second right, with wife Joan, at the State House, Concord, N.H. March 4, 2010, from left: Dean Dexter, Abigail Dexter, Lynn Olson, author of Citizens of London,* which features an in-depth review of John Gilbert Winant's World War II service as U.S.  Ambassador to Great Britain.



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