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Some Oldies...

Out With the Old

Not the Retiring Type

Sweetness in America

Cranky Man's Guide to Contentment

Mixed Feelings About Snap Judgments

The Solace of Baseball

At 64, It's About Preservation

Gonna Shoot Me Some Beer Cans

Lazy Days of Summer

To Have a Whee Old Time Once Again

Taking a New Look at Grandpa

He's Sick of Whining Writers

Let's Talk About You and Your Mother

It's Spring, Sweet Spring

Ah, to Suffer Nervous Exhaustion

The Comforts of Home vs. Moving to North Dakota

The Merits of Military Service

I Did It in my Sleep

Suffering Brings Wisdom; But so Does Fun

A Leader Need Not Throw His Weight Around

The Magnetic Power of the Herd

With a Little Grandeur Who Needs Therapy?

Writers and readers: unbearable intimacy

Let's give thanks for faultless pens, swimming teachers

It isn't about Food

The Undisturbed Life is Not Worth Living

Ambition and the honesty of everyday work

Today's Lesson: It Could be Worse


Garrison Keillor's Unfortunate Political Voice




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